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Ernest Words

excerpted from This Thing Called Youby Ernest Holmes

The Chinese sage said that Tao (meaning Spirit) “produces everything, nourishes everything, and maintains everything.” It flows through and is in all things, being all that is. There is nothing outside It. There is a spiritual Presence pervading the universe, welling up in your consciousness, always proclaiming Itself to be the source of your being. The enlightened ones of the ages have told you that your recognition of Life is God within you recognizing [Itself] in everything you do.

There is but one Presence in the universe. Since It is in and through everything, It must be in and through you. This Presence manifests Itself in and through all forms, all people, all conditions. This Presence is Life Itself. Its nature is love and givingness.

Every [person’s] experience is an attempt to merge his own being with this eternal river, not to the loss of his identity, but to the discovery of that self which has never wholly left its heaven.

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