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Reverend Tucker, Senior Minister

Reverend Tucker I have a friend who always says to me, "You are either green and growing, or ripe and rotten." That is just her way of keeping me from becoming too complacent because my life is comfortable and joyful. So many times, we sit back and become complacent, or we are impatient in allowing our vision to unfold. Our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes said in The Science of Mind, "It follows, then, that the range of our possibilities at the present time does not extend far beyond the range of our present concepts. As we bring ourselves to a Greater vision, we induce a greater concept and thereby demonstrate more in our experience. In this way there is a continuous growth and unfoldment taking place. We do not expect to give a treatment today, for prosperity, and have a million dollars tomorrow. But little by little we can unfold our consciousness, through the acquisition of greater and still greater mental equivalents, until at last we shall be made free." We must, in our quest for spiritual growth hold our vision in place, having faith and trust in spiritual laws, while actively pursuing greater and greater growth in our lives.

Oasis Center for Spiritual Living is celebrating a rite of passage right now. Our building has served us very well for the last 11 years, but we have outgrown the space. Given the location, we are looking for a place that is more visible and easier to reach without lengthy instructions. We are currently asking for donations to our building fund, which will allow us to move into that perfect facility that represents our current rate of growth and promote future growth. If you can participate in this funding, we appreciate your gift. If not, we appreciate your consciousness and prayer for the perfect unfolding of our new home.

We have so many exciting activities every month, stimulating the vitality of our members and encouraging the growth of each person. While the growth of the church is unfolding, we recognize how much the church is a reflection of the growth within each individual in our community.

We are Visioning the 3rd Sunday of each month for our perfect home to be revealed. Please join us in this visioning as we create a beautiful, joyful, prosperous reality. Help us celebrate our coming of age, where we have made a commitment to the flowering of this church and the community it supports.

Yours in service,

Rev. S. Tucker


Reverend Lynn, Associate Minister

Reverend LynnWhat are you committed to? Do you have a list or do you have just a couple of things that are most important to you? For some of us, these questions are pretty hard to answer. However, one thing I do know is that whatever we commit to requires constant review. Here at the Oasis, we are actively looking into what we stand for, what we do, and how do we express our vision into our community and into the world.

In the spirit of our community and the new year, we are re-committing to the vision and the ideals that inspired the foundation of this church. I know that as time passes and we get into the day to day routine, we become focused on the little details and the bigger picture takes a back seat to just getting things done. This is normal. So, we use reminders to review where we have been, where we are at, and where we are going. New year observances are very handy for this, don't you agree? We can set aside some time to consciously compare our actions with our vision and get re-aligned.

For 2004, our re-commitment will, in part, take the form of enhancing the visual appeal and feeling of our sanctuary. Although this may seem like window dressing (literally), I prefer to see it as a declaration of place and purpose. Any home reflects the inhabitant and I believe the inspired consciousness of our church should be reflected in our place of celebration and prayer.

Energetically yours,

Rev. Lynn Tucker


Paula George, RScP

Paula George

I know that we are all wonderfully and intricately made, and it is my privilege as a Religious Science Practitioner to create a mirror wherein all see in their own reflection the sacred face of God.

With degrees in psychology, speech communications and human relations, I worked for thirty years with the Deaf community, as an advocate, educator and interpreter. I was guided to Religious Science in the late 1980’s and felt from the beginning that I had come home. I found a large group of people whose spiritual beliefs were very much like my own. In 2002, after several years of taking classes, reading, writing, praying, testing, poking, and prodding, I received my Practitioner license at the Community for Spiritual Living in Colorado Springs and now serve at the Oasis Center for Spiritual Living in Englewood, Colorado, as well as in the greater community.

I am passionate about using prayer, visioning, intuition, teaching, and dialogue to create an environment where people can be expressive of their true Selves.

My vision is of a world full of people who care about each other, who communicate empathically,20freely, lovingly, and honestly, recognizing and respecting their similarities and their differences, who are willing to open their hearts and minds to understanding and acceptance of all the possibilities that Life has to offer.

Find me one person who can get their own littleness out of the way, and they shall reveal to me the immeasurable magnitude of the Universe in which I live.
--Ernest Holmes

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing Light of your own Being.


Annie Glasgow, RScP

Paula George

I was raised in Christian Science and started going to the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science when I moved in with my mother to help her after a stroke left her in delicate health. While caring for my mother, I started taking classes and the natural next step for me was Practitioner Training; I was licensed as a Practitioner in 2002.

I started working at the Home Office in June, 1999 and now hold the position of Practitioner Services Coordinator, my perfect employment because I am doing what I love. I am the Practitioner for United Centers for Spiritual Living, International Headquarters, in Golden.

During my time at Home Office, I met Rev. Tucker and worked with her very closely on my part of the new computer system for United Centers for Spiritual Living. Over the last couple of years, we have become friends, so I chose to place my license with Oasis Center for Spiritual Living when Headquarters moved to Colorado. I did this because I liked the idea of having a good and close relationship with my Minister and I liked the smaller community where I could get to know most everybody and become a part of the community.

My vision for my ministry here at Oasis is to share what I have learned as a Practitioner and as a student with as many people as I can. I love knowing and proclaming the Truth for everyone and I also love that my clients teach me. I am very grateful and humbled as I watch people become the best that they can be through the Science of Mind Philosophy. I know that the more I learn, the more I need to learn. I am on a spiritual journey and I get to travel with some AWSOME people and our lives just get better and better!

My passion for being a Licensed Practitioner is teaching, learning and being able to share what I have learned about living this life with God as my Power.

When I was at a very low point in my life, I had to admit that I needed some help to sort things out - and I was led to my first experience with Science of Mind Teachings. I had to return home to help my mother after she had a stroke. One of my "duties" was to take her to church - I figured I'd sit with her and after service was over, I'd just take her back home and continue my day... HA! "People make plans - God laughs!" That first morning sitting in church I heard something - that I'm a beloved child of God - and it made me feel really good (I also cried my eyes out!) So I went back to hear some more. I returned week after week, even after my mother was no longer able to leave the house. I heard that there is no sin and that God loved me just the way I was and I cried some more! I started taking classes and it was very clear to me that the next step was Practitioner Training! I was so filled with love and joy and I finally understood why I was here!

Now I am a Licensed Practitioner with Oasis Center for Spiritual living and I get to teach others what I have learned and I have seen how our lives get better and better! But the thing is, the more I learn, the more I realize I need to learn, so I am on a Spiritual Journey and I get to travel with some awsome people!



Becky.jpg - 24156 BytesBecky Monteith, Jr. Church Director

Becky is the 3rd Grade Teacher at Beacon Country Day School since September 2000 and was Phys Ed instructor from 1994-2000. In addition, she is the Drama and Music Director and taught Computer Science to grades 7-8 at Beacon.

She has experience at Accelerated Schools teaching behaviorally disturbed children grades 1-6. For 12 years, she owned her own dance studio and developed five youth dance programs at recreational centers. She has also taken and assisted in Love and Logic trainings.

We are proud and excited to have her as a member of our team.


Bob "OZ" Osswald, RScP

Bob OsswaldThe I Ching speaks of the Winter season as a time of reflection, a time of renewal. It is the time when we turn our attention inward -- assessing the year just past, and formulating plans for the year just ahead. It is a time of completion preceding a time of new activity.

Nature is ever vigilant in her course of tearing down and rebuilding. The leaves of fall render themselves ever into the loam which feeds the buds of spring. We can harmonize ourselves with this process.

Take the time this season to assess your life in the past. What things have worked well, and need to continue? Likewise, assess which things are no longer serving your needs…are you willing to let these things go? Also, is there some new goal you want to pursue in the coming year, some new direction you intend to take in your life? Does room need to be made to allow this new dream to prosper?

I know that Divine Order permeates all of creation. It expresses Itself in all things, including each of us. Its Power is ours to use as we grow into the now, leaving the past behind and looking towards the future. The blessings of Life fill us with joy and gratitude, as we know the rightness that they should be so.


Susan Storrar, RScP

Susan Storrar

My passion is the children. I love seeing through their God-eyes, teaching and learning, laughing and having a truly wonderful experience with them. Seeing God in the children is an awesome gift and I'm very grateful that I have that opportunity.

I came to religious science at a snail's pace, literally. A friend gave me a Science of Mind magazine and I read it over and over til the pages were dog-eared! Then I took the plunge and ordered a subscription, probably a year later, didn't want to rush into anything!

Having been raised basically Presbyterian and sometimes in the home of a very spiritual grandmother, the ideas weren't really too foreign, so I was able to incorporate them pretty easily. In the 80's our family moved to Albuquerque, NM, and we tried the Science of Mind church there. This was only about 6 years after I started reading the magazine!

After moving several more times, a divorce, and kids growing up I moved to Colorado Springs and began attending Community for Spiritual Living and taking classes. I was propelled into becoming a Practitioner before I knew what had happened and in 2006 I was very proud to become a Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science.

Seeing God everywhere I go has been a gift I share with others as a Practitioner and especially with children. I have 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. Coming to Oasis Center for Spiritual Living has been one of the great moves of my life and I look forward to getting to know everyone better in the near future.


Janice Coulter, RScP, Deceased

Jan CoulterWe lost our precious Jan Coulter this year. She was part of our church from the very beginning, waiting to complete her commitment to Mile Hi Church before she could completely commit to ours. I honor that memory of her, because it speaks about her integrity and commitment to following through on her word. She was a large part of the process of preparing this facility, moving us in and creating the consciousness of our church home. She always told people she loved my sermons because I “was so darned practical.” This was one of the highest compliments I have ever received.

One day, I was thinking we needed someone to be our Treasurer and her visitor card fell off my desk about three times. I finally got the message and called her. I didn’t know she was an accountant until I called. God truly called her into this service. Later, in 2002, she became a Licensed Practitioner of our church and served until she passed into the continuum of life on June 28, 2007. Those of you who have turned in prayer requests over the last 5 years should know that she lovingly continued to serve on our prayer team even after her Graves disease kept her from being able to attend church and serve as Practitioner of the Day.

Jan Coulter was the C.O.R.E. Council Treasurer and Licensed Practitioner here at Oasis, but mostly Jan was my friend. When her Graves disease flared up last time, she offered me her resignation, but I wouldn’t take it. Up until May 31st, when she moved to her daughter’s house in Lancaster, CA, I held the vision for her return. I am all at once happy that she no longer is bound by a body that keeps her from her full expression and sad that she will not be physically part of our church family any longer.

She was such a big part of our family since 2000. The quarterly potlucks were held at her house and we would laugh until we cried when we played Pictionary. At first, I was resistant to playing Pictionary, because I don’t draw well, but she insisted I would come to love it and she was right. Many of the council meetings were at her house as well. The council all had palm pilots, so we would take notes and beam them to each other, laughing about the unique way we chose to do the meetings. We would smoke chocolate cigars and beam to-do-lists and memos to each other and most of all, laugh. I don’t know if any minister could have as much fun at Board meetings as I did.

She loved to laugh and play, no matter what the purpose of a visit was. I used to love sitting in her backyard by the fish pond. Many times after the Sunday service, Jan, her daughter, Kim, and I would sit back there and just enjoy her fish and garden. After her diagnosis, I was privileged to spend some time with her praying and playing. We sat one last time in her yard, remembering all the good times we spent there. I will remember Jan as this wonderful, pragmatic and funny woman who gave so much to everyone around her.

She is survived by her daughters, Kim and Kelly, her son-in-law, Sam, her grandchildren, Christy, Tyler, Michael, Blaine, Samantha and Grace, her great grandchildren, Gavin and Alice, her brother Craig, and her mother Adair. They used to call her affectionately, Crabby Granny. But, this was just an affectionate nickname. Although she had her crabby moments, they will also remember the fun times, they laughter and the love she always provided. She is also survived by many friends, the lives of whom she touched greatly. She will be deeply missed by us all.

A standing ovation for a life-well lived Jan!

Rev. S. Tucker

"A spiritual community providing tools for daily living."
Sunday Service 10:30 a.m